Modern Warfare 3 Strategy - 5 Helpful Hints For MW3

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest Call of Duty game on the market. It is surprisingly quite different from the rest of the Call of Duty games in that it requires the player to focus a bit more on teamwork and a bit less on running around like Rambo with their guns firing on full auto like some Hollywood movie. It requires you to think about your strategy and tactics at every step of the game. Even the single player campaign focuses more on teamwork and weapon accuracy. However most people purchase these first person shooter games for the multiplayer aspect of the game. Nothing is more challenging in multiplayer mode than MW3.

The first thing you want to focus on when beginning a multiplayer mission is your class. You have to set up your class properly in order to rise to your full potential. When your class is set up properly it makes a world of difference, you will get more kills because you will be stronger and faster than most other players in the match. 90% of players don't know how to properly setup their class and when you do it gives you quite an advantage over them.

Your next task should be configuring your weapon properly, there are many strategy guides out there that show you exactly how to configure your weapon properly for maximum damage and kill power. This will give you another huge advantage over most other players as they run around aimlessly getting owned, you will be able to kill them much more quickly then they can kill you because you have a better weapon and know how to use it properly. Knowing which weapon to use and when to use it is a major factor in this game.

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